There are some exciting things happening here in Richmond!


i.e.* is a “collaborative community initiative to support and accelerate cross-industry creativity & innovation in the Richmond region” and a product of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce. One of the ways in which they are encouraging creativity is to sponsor their Start-Up competition, now in their 2nd year of running. And this year, two Virginia Bloggers are in the running!

The way it works is this: if you have a small business up and running for less than a year, or not running yet, then you could enter a 100 word description of your business describing what you do, your target audience, how you will market your business and how you will fill a market need.  Sydney and Shannon have both entered, and their blurb is below.

From Sydney:


Chic Stripes Styling’s MO is shopping 2nd hand 1st. Need a new blazer? Head to your local thrift store. Craving a pair of red-soled shoes? Check out the high-end consignment boutique. Want to re-do your wardrobe as your life responsibilities shift? Sign up with Chic Stripes Styling – the only Richmond-based personal style consultant who will help craft a streamlined wardrobe filled with investment pieces by shopping second hand. With a built in audience from style blog collaborations with GRID, RVA Fashion Week, and, CCS is ready to help Richmond live life by dressing up while shopping 2nd hand 1st.

From Shannon:


Boho Cycle Studio is Richmond’s only fitness studio specializing in and dedicated to indoor cycling. We have taken elements and ideas from yoga, mixed them with what it feels like to dance all night at a nightclub, and put it on a bike! Unlike big gyms that offer indoor cycling, we dedicate all of our energy to making every class an exceptional ride. We have created a format that is a full body conditioning experience, geared to riders at every fitness level. There are no contracts or commitments required as we operate on a pay per class model. We are dedicated to giving back to our community by promoting a healthy lifestyle. We provide discounted rides to students, fundraising rides for local charities, and healthy resources to riders and neighbors. Riding at Boho is not just a work out. It is an experience. A party on a bike! Clip in. Let go. Enjoy the ride.

We are so excited for such awesome local ladies to have a chance to put their ideas in the spot light! So here’s what you should do:

  1. Click here to vote for Sydney or click here to vote for Shannon
  2. Spread the word to your family and friends!
  3. Vote! 3 times – March 26, March 27, and March 28

Good luck, everyone!