Today’s guest post is from “A Girl Named Leney”, a Richmond based fashion and lifestyle blogger. She has a fantastic sense of style, and her blog will definitely make you smile!
RVA Fashion Week is a week in Richmond where local designers, models and stylists come together to create a week full of shows and events to showcase local talent. While it’s not quite to the full scale of New York’s Fashion Week, it is still a week you don’t want to miss out on.
This was my first year attending and it was a lot of fun and really neat to see the variety of talent that Richmond holds.
I mean, we don’t have the number one art school in the nation for nothing. Am I right?
Unfortunately I missed the first show of RVA Fashion Week at Short Pump but I was able to make it to  the second one at Can Can!
It was packed and they put on a great show.
The clothing that was featured came from various Richmond stores and was put together so beautifully.
(My personal favorite is the neon orange blazer and the pink and blue dress…)
Here are a few photos of the event!
 Check out more photos here!
P.s. Did you see my bag?

Leney @ A Girl Named Leney