Hey friends! I’m diving into a new project, and I thought it would be fun to take you along for the ride! I’m a full-time food blogger (you can find me over at I Heart Vegetables), and I’m working on a second blog!

You can see the work in progress at Pass Me a Spoon.

I’ve been thinking about starting a second site for a while, and I’ve seen more and more content creators go down this road, so I thought I’d share the why behind it. I’m also planning to blog my way through the process of growing a site in 2023.


Why Start a Second Site

This is usually the first question people as. Why start a second site? The simple answer is to diversify my income. Rather than have all my eggs in one blog-basket, spreading out my income streams across two sites could be a good way to set myself up for the future. But the other reason is that it’s fun to think about something different! I’ve been writing about healthy vegetarian recipes for over 10 years, so doing something in a slightly different space feels like a fun creative endeavor.

Now, I’m not straying far from my current space. My second site is still a food blog, but my plan is to focus more on cocktails, desserts, appetizers, and recipes for entertaining.

Starting from Scratch or Buying a Site

While I toyed around with starting a second site from scratch, I was curious about what it would look like to buy a blog from someone else. Buying and selling websites has become its own industry, and I shopped around on sites like Niche Investor to get a sense of how it worked and how sites are priced. Generally, “starter sites” that have content on the site but aren’t making any income yet, cost around $1,000. Sites making money through ads, affiliates, or digital products can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

My hesitation with buying one of these starter sites was that a lot of the content felt… thin. Maybe even a little spammy. Since this industry has popped up, lots of people have been trying to create starter sites to quickly turn a profit. So I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that route.

How I Found My Site

I ended up purchasing a site from an Instagram friend. We’d been connected for years and we’d chat about blogging and food photography sometimes. I saw her mention in her stories that her domain was going to expire, and she wasn’t planning to continue her blog. I asked her if she’d ever consider selling her site, and she said she hadn’t thought about it. I explained how I’d seen other people do it, and we started negotiating prices and contracts.

In the end, we both felt good about it, and we made a deal! I purchased her site at the end of January, and since then, I’ve been flipping it. I’ll share more about what the process has been like in the second post!

Check out my second blog here: Pass Me a Spoon