Saturday afternoon, Brittany and Lindsay and I walked over to Maymont to check out the Richmond Jazz Festival. We all had press passes for the event from Chateau Ste. Michelle, a Washington state winery that was sampling three of their Rieslings at the event. I’m a sweet-wine lover, so Riesling is usually what I go for, which made this tasting especially fun!

We tasted them in order of sweetness:

  • First off was the Dry Riesling. Since I’m a sweet wine lover, this was as little dry for me, but still something I would enjoy drinking, especially with a meal.
  • Second, we tried the Columbia Valley Riesling. This one would probably be what I would be most likely to purchase, because it was sweet, but not so sweet that it wouldn’t appeal to the dry wine drinkers 😉
  • The last one we tasted was probably my favorite. The Harvest Select Sweet Riesling was sweet, and I would love this after a light summer dinner. If you don’t like super sweet wines, you might want to stick with the first two, but I loved this one!

Even if you’re not a “fancy” wine drinker, you should definitelygive these a try! All of these sell for $10.00 or less (which is totally my kind of wine…) They are available online, but I think you can also find them in some Virginia grocery stores.
Despite the crazy temperatures, we enjoyed walking around the festival, listening to music, and of course, taking pictures!

(Photo courtesy of Brittany)

Don’t we look so official with our badges and cameras? I loved the #ReasonForRiesling slogan that was used throughout the tasting. It was a really fun experience!

Did anyone else check out the Jazz Festival this weekend? I know Marc was there, taking some really awesome pictures!

Photo courtesy of: The Cheats Movement

Photo credit: The Cheats Movement

P.S. If you haven’t already checked out Marc’s Blog, he has some great coverage of Richmond people & events!

What festivals have you been enjoying lately?