This Saturday we donned our finest leggings and tanks for a ballet-inspired workout at Richmond Barre.


Richmond Barre


photo by Ashleigh Hobson.

Just look at their studio in the heart of Libbie and Grove – complete with chandeliers! (Who doesn’t want to workout with a chandelier?)



A word of caution that all of us can now attest to: Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an easy workout. It is intense. Class started out with a quick warm up, free weights, then thighs and seat at the barre with some abs at the end with stretching in-between.

The music switched from upbeat to slow songs as we shifted from stretching to “working songs.” We loved the music, the moves, and the awesome instruction. At the end of class, Ashley told us to take the biggest breath we’d taken that day, and bend into our last stretch.

After class we got to mix and mingle with the other bloggers and learn more about Richmond Barre from Ashley, the owner.

She explained to us that barre exercise is safe and effective because it is very low impact and we use small isometric contractions instead of the bigger range of motion that people are used to performing when working out. We work the muscles to fatigue which creates shaking in the muscle group. Shaking is a good thing because that means it is working and creating change. We then stretch the muscle group just worked so that it creates length instead of bulking defining long lean sculpted muscles that we all desire to have. Also, There’s a little rumor that Richmond Barre classes fill up fast, but Ashley gave us the inside scoop on how to get off the wait list and into class.




Here are Ashley’s tip for getting into class! 

  • Join the wait list, even if it looks long or intimidating.
  • Check your email up until class time. Cancellations can occur up to 2 hours before class.
  • Sign up for text/email alerts and be notified as soon as you’re bumped off the wait list.
  • Remember, even if you get a spot at the end of the wait list, there’s still a chance you’ll get in. Clients can make reservations up to 20 days in advance, so cancellations are common as schedules change.

How awesome would it be to have your bachelorette party at the “barre” instead of a bar? Check out this fabulous barre bachelorette party at Richmond Barre from Style Me Pretty. Who thinks Liz should have her bachelorette party at the barre?!!



Photo by Cyn Kain.

Thanks to all who came out for the event!