Twice a year restaurants in Charlottesville cook up delicious three-course meals and do a little good for the community while they’re at it.

Restaurant Week is upon us running through July 15th. For $26 diners can create a three course meal from 16 participating restaurants. Let me tell you, three courses for $26 is a darn good deal. In fact, I’m pretty sure in Philadelphia and Washington, DC (my old homes) dinners are $35. Not only can you try out a new restaurant, but your meal will also include a $1 donation to the PB&J fund.

The PB&J fund is a local organization that connects Charlottesville youth and families with the resources and knowledge necessary to help develop a healthy diet. PB&J Fund runs a number of programs throughout the year, from healthy lunches for toddlers and Mom’s to cooking programs at the Boys and Girls Club. Last year, PB&J was able to provide over 5,000 meals to Charlottesville students over winter break so no one went hungry without the stability of free lunch. More than 50% of Charlottesville students participate in the free and reduced lunch program, many of who rely on school meals as their primary source of nutrition. So during winter break PB&J Fund works to help fill those gaps with nutritious food and education.

The money raised through Restaurant Week will support the “holiday giving” program, which sends holiday gift baskets home with students in Charlottesville city schools so they too can enjoy a holiday meal. If your local to Charlottesville or are free to make a mini-road trip this weekend, join in the Restaurant Week fun and help out a few kids.

Tweet pictures of your meal to me (@ieatasphalt)! I’ll be dining out tonight!

Alex @ I Eat Asphalt