On Sunday we had our NOVA bloggers meetup in Leesburg, VA. Last time we met up we decided to do themed meetups, so Kim was awesome enough to present for our first themed meetup: Beauty and Blogging.

We started the meetup getting to know each other a bit better by sharing random things about ourselves. It was fun to learn something new about each other! Then Kim gave a very awesome presentation that featured 10 beauty tips that any lady should know! The tips were great and we learned a lot about makeup and hair.


After the awesome presentation we went over some blogging topics. We shared our different blogging experiences and tips that we have learned. It is always great to share and learn from other bloggers! After the meeting we atempted a group selfie, we think it came out pretty well!

Nova Girls

The NOVA bloggers: Rana, Erin , Kim , Iva , and Tinsley

Stay tuned for the next NOVA blogger meetup. If you have any ideas about the next theme or location let Rana-our NOVA ambassador know!