It must be the season of meet ups! We just had our Northern Virginia Bloggers meet up last Saturday and we had a wonderful turn out. HUGE thank you to our DC ambassador Rana for hosting!

We had a great blogger meet up on Saturday for the local NOVA bloggers. We met at the cafe of Angelika Theater.

It was a great turn out with Kim, Erin, Tinsley, Brandie, Shannon, Stephanie, Rebecca, Tayler and myself.

It turned out to be a great forum to learn from each other about blogging. A few of the topics we discussed were the difference between using blogger and wordpress, how social media can help your blogging, the differences in blogging genres, self hosting, keeping balance and just discussing blogging in general. It was a really inspirational discussion to hear what other bloggers are doing, and getting tips and help from others. We are so excited to have another meetup with more NOVA bloggers. We are planning on having more regular meetups and even doing meetups that have to do with different blogging genres. If you have any suggestions for other meetups, email me at runningrana at gmail dot com! We are excited to meet more NOVA bloggers 🙂

Rana @ Running Rana