Saturday was a GLORIOUS day for a Hampton Roads blogger meet-up! The lovely Christina & Kristen of 6 Petals, Alicia of French Press This & myself all gathered at Cure Coffeehouse for some coffee & blog talk. Tucked in the sweet historic Freemason neighborhood of Downtown Norfolk, Cure was a perfect spot for inspiration as we discussed the variety of communities in Hampton Roads, the opportunities Hampton Roads bloggers have to support local businesses & the super exciting future that our blogging community has ahead of us.

hrbloggers (1)

We spent our time getting to know each other & dreaming up some ideas for collaborations, future events & meet-ups. We are so excited to meet more Hampton Roads blogger faces (we know you’re out there!), &  share more time, experiences & ideas with each other. Our area of southern Virginia is so vast, & we greatly look forward to growing our community & resources together.

Stay tuned for more details about our April Happy Hour Meet Up!