Today’s guest post is from Dory @ The Doyle Dispatch. She’s a DIY crafter, and she’s got some great tips to share today on chalk paint! Enjoy!

I am a DIY-er. A crafter. Someone who loves to get her hands dirty and be creative. But I also am impatient, and I don’t like to wait, prep, or bother with the steps that slow me down. I am a little like Veruca Salt: “I want it (done) now.”

As I was making a post for Young House Love’s Pinterest Challenge for Winter 2013, I had my first experience with a crafter’s best friend: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

What? Chalk paint? Do you mean chalkBOARD paint?

Well… yes and no.

chalk paint 1

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint is a decorative paint that has been around for years (according to her website, over 20). The idea is that it is a versatile paint that acts like a limewash to make an older look to freshly-painted furniture.

Ok, but can’t I use paint from the hardware store for that?

Sure, but not in the same way. The great thing about Chalk Paint is that it has no odor, and you don’t need to pre-treat the surface before using it. That means no sanding, no priming, just painting. It is simply heavenly for an impatient crafter like me.

So colors?

There are around 30 different colors to choose from, but there are endless ways to mix, match, and further treat the colors to get basically any look that you want. My first use of the Chalk Paint was for my new menu board, and I wanted a flat color. I am planning on using it in the future for the surface of my map table. I just need to have a top coat of the clear wax to make sure the paint surface stays scuff-free and a little shiny.

The name says it’s “chalk paint.” Can I use it to make a chalkboard?

YES! You can use any of the colors to make a chalkboard surface. Colorful and versatile!

I want to learn more!

chalk paint 3

Yeah, after seeing my neighbor use this stuff, I was pretty convinced too. To find out more information, you can go to Annie Sloan’s page about using the Chalk Paint. You can find the American retailers here (I love that they also have store hours on that page).

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Have you ever tried chalk paint? For more DIY tips, head over to Dory’s blog!