My name is Daga Postelle and I blog over on Glamista Home. Most of my posts are focused around lifestyle and how to live the life you have always wanted. I share tips on how to start your own business and have a thriving life while being financially independent.

I have 10+ years of marketing experience and an MBA in marketing.

As you probably know, emails can not only help you increase sales, but also assist you in nurturing a relationship with your customers or followers. Before I start talking about how to build your list, let me leave you with this tidbit: for every $1 spent, the email marketing generates $38 in ROI (return on investment). ( I think that is a great incentive to start using email as a marketing tool for your blog and business.

Let’s look at some easy ways to allow your readers or site visitors to subscribe to your email list.

    1. Splash Pages, since I started using my Splash Page, the subscription rate to my email newsletter increased by 33%. A splash page is basically an overlay that is displayed to people when they arrive on my website. This page can be served on your home page or any page of your blog, you can serve it to users every time they visit your blog or in particular intervals. It’s an effective way to invite people to subscribe to your newsletter and it gives your site the illusion of exclusivity.
    2. Pop-ups are the most common way of inviting users to subscribe to your emails. They can be timed and delivered when a user first arrives on your website, when they browse specific pages or upon clicking out of the browser window. I’d suggest testing out different delivery options to see which one is the most effective for your blog and your readers. I know that some of you are reluctant to place a pop-up on your site because you don’t want to “annoy” your readers. Think about it from a business perspective, you are providing fantastic content to your readers. Content that took time and money to create and it’s absolutely free to the visitors of your site. You want to capitalize on all the work you have put forth and be able to promote your content and the value you provide via email in order to grow your readership and eventually make money. Every user has the opportunity to “x”-out of the pop-up or leave your site. If they leave annoyed, most likely, they weren’t the right person for your blog anyway. Please don’t ever be afraid to try it out to advance your career or to grow your blog for the sake of others. In today’s business word it’s more than normal to arrive at a business page and encounter a pop up with a subscription option. If you provide a nice offer to the subscriber they will be delighted to share their email. Make sure that you are always lead with a value proposition, don’t just say subscribe, let them know what they can expect in return, and think of your emails as a tool to consulting your readers about what you write. You should be providing value at all times.
    3. Have an email subscribe widget on your sidebar. Make sure you prominently place the subscribe option on your site. Considering how effective email is in promoting your business or your blog you want to make sure that you capture those emails as users arrive on your blog.
    4. If you are an online retailer, ask people when they check out if they wish to subscribe to your email newsletter. This way you can capture a large number of subscribers who already have a relationship with you.
    5. Set yourself as an authority in your field and provide a white paper, infographic, or other value-based proposition in return for the email. Users will provide their email address in return for a paper they feel is useful to them. You can promote this via email via social media ads and/or social media posts. The value-based approach is generally effective for any of these subscription options. It’s much easier to convince people to join your email newsletter list if they actually think that they will get something of value in return.
    6. Cross-reference your social media with email subscription options. Since emails are so effective in generating income, you want to prominently display the subscribe option to people. They should be able to subscribe to your email from any outlet you control.
    7. Ask your email subscribers to forward your emails to people who might find the content of interest as well. Your subscribers are helping you market your business for free. By sharing your email with their friends or family they are spreading the word about who you are and what you can offer.

It’s important to keep in mind that once you have the email address your real work is just beginning. You have to make sure that you send your emails regularly. Don’t tell your subscribers they will receive a weekly newsletter if you are only planning on sending it once a month. Share information that is relevant to your reader and of value. Think about what kind of information you would like to receive if you were subscribed to your newsletter.

I send a weekly newsletter that summarizes my posts and provides additional information that the reader is not going to find on the site. For example, if I am sharing a list of tips on how to rock your email I always keep one or two tips “secret” and exclusive to my email subscribers. I want to provide them with additional information that the “regular” visitor will not get via blog posts.

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Hope you found these tips useful!