Hey there from Have the World on a String! I’m a travel-junkie and can’t get enough of exploring. You’ll find me all around the globe, but a lot of the time, I’m just exploring our backyard. Virginia is a gorgeous state with so much to offer!

Autumn is my favorite season, for the crisp air, sweet pies, holidays spent with family, and the colors. The explosions of reds, purples and oranges are such a reminder that there is beauty in change and natural expression in things coming to an end. On one of the first fall Sundays, there is nothing more appropriate to do than trek out to the Shenandoah valley to do a little apple pickin’.

Escaping the city

Autumn has, in fact, arrived.

About an hour west of DC, we found ourselves on back roads, over train tracks and gazing at the mountains in the distance. Stribling Orchard welcomed us (and, pretty much the entire population of northern Virginia) with their apple orchards in peak gleaning form.


A little orchard ambiance

They had about 10 different types of apples for picking – some to eat, some to bake. Granny Smith’s, Rome, Golden Delicious, Jonathan’s… apples I didn’t even know existed! Many trees had been picked around the bottoms, so we went for the big ones, just out of our reach.

Granny Smith’s are the best pick for this lady!

Enter our apple pickin’ picker. As I exclaimed about an hour into our trip, it was one massive picker! And pick apples, it did. It was a wobbly thing. I really wanted to take off running and javelin throw that sucker through the trees.

Check out this bad boy!

Going after the red delicious!

Wandering through the orchard, we had time to catch up on our lives and our plans. And what we were baking these babies into. Muffins, pies, turnovers galore. We had already worked up an appetite, so of course we chowed down on some gourmet eats outside of the barn and general store at the orchard.

On the menu, a hearty veggie chili on a bed of white rice. So much more delicious than my super healthy, barley/whole wheat grain, cheese-less chili at home.

sooo good I even ignored the styrofoam!

Once I was sufficiently warmed by this gooey deliciousness, it was time for an even more appropriate treat. Apple Turnover!! Do you know, this was my first ever apple turnover? Sure, I’ve had apple pie, apple strudel, etc…but never in my memory did I enjoy this flaky, buttery goodness.

And it’s portable!

As much as I’d like to think I’m going to bake my loot into a delicious apple turnover or some other version of a baked good, I know what will really happen. One at a time, they will be smothered in peanut butter and devoured as a 3pm snack. I’m just not.a.baker.

2.5 pounds for all that effort!

Prepare yourself to be peanut buttered!

Happy fall, ya’ll.