Hey everyone, Paws up! My name is Conor, but you can call me Conor, and I “blog” at DogsofRichmond. This is a one stop shop for pictures of local pups, doggie events around town, and some scattering of my sporadic life. My recent life has been anything but scheduled. I moved to Virginia a year and half ago from Ohio, started a career, bought a house, and have picked up and dropped almost every hobby possible. The only constant thing in my life has been being a dog-owner and dog-lover.

Liz from IHeartVegetables actually got me started blogging about this passion and it’s given me excuses to run around taking photos of cuties to share with everyone! Regardless of how awkward that makes me look…

My posts are 60% about dogs I run into during my weekend adventures in Virginia. They are 20% events in the area including costume contests, dog meetups, and even human-activities. The last 30% of the blog is filled with weird life events or adventures I think are funny but are probably just socially embarrassing. Did I mention I’m great at math?

If you like cats, that’s cool. I own a gray tabby who happens to be a wizard. However, Dogs of Richmond probably isn’t for you. If you secretly are a dog-person, no fear! You can browse the blog in a private tab and no one will ever know (Shift+N in Chrome). I won’t tell the cats.

In the time I’m not blogging about, talking about, or photographing dogs I’m usually sleeping or playing video games. There are other skills I consider myself proficient in: Tree-climbing, hair-flipping, planking, owling, slaying dragons, sleeping through my alarm clock, drinking an excessive amount of white mochas, and putting clothes on ALL BY MYSELF! 😀

Feel free to stop by Dogs of Richmond, but wipe your feet and paws first, I just mopped. If you’re a Social Media junkie like myself, you can stay looped in with Dogs and my crazy mind on Tumblr, Twitter, & Instagram @DogsofRichmond!