I’m so excited about today’s guest blogger! Anna’s blog OMG Yum! is awesome, her pictures are gorgeous, and this girl is so sweet! I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I have! –Liz
Hi! I am Anna Bruce, a Portrait Photographer in Northern Virginia with a passion for food and cooking!


As a matter of fact, I think I was destined to be a foodie/cook (ish). My mom loves to cook and so does my grandfather (her dad), so I guess it is in my genes.
As far back as I can remember my mom would always make incredible meals. Then, whenever I got to go and visit my grandparents, I was equally spoiled with my granddad’s culinary goodness (especially his meat sauce pasta). I should probably tell you that I am half Italian 😀 When I met my hubby, I was yet again spoiled by his mother’s cooking! So I am grateful to say that my life has been filled with good eatin’ everywhere!


How This Blog Was Born:
Ever since the dawn of smartphones meet social media, I have been pretty much sharing my life across the web. I never really realized how much I posted about food until my best friend said to me “yeah, your Instagram is nothing but food!” (She’s not huge on social media so I guess I made quite a delicious first impression to her via Instagram).
As I think back, people have always had positive feedback towards my food posts and photos on Facebook and Twitter. They seem to all think that my cooking is delish. After so much positive feedback I threw it out there that I was thinking about starting a food blog. I think I got more likes from my photo fans on that post than any other status update to date. So here it is! OMG Yum! Anna’s food blog.



What this blog is:
-Encouraging people to cook
-Educating people about products I love
-Sharing locally owned restaurants and food businesses
-Sharing some of my favorite recipes or food experiments hehe
-Sharing my Venezuelan-Italian background
-Positive 🙂


Go say hello, and check out Anna’s blog OMG Yum!