Hi everyone! My name’s Marita, born and raised in Northern Virginia and I write over at It’s a Beautiful Life – a blog about finding a Beautiful Life through a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

I started off writing this blog as a personal place to document my travels and self-motivation but along the way it turned more into wanting to help others find happiness in their own lives as well.

My blog features inspirational quotes, fitness routines and healthy recipes. I also throw in some personal travels and experiences here and there.

One of my most recent travels was to the beautiful Turks and Caicos! Here’s a recap of my trip…

Caribbean Cruise Adventure

This was by far, my favorite day of the entire cruise. The beach was beautiful with white sand and crystal clear blue water! I had never seen anything like it before.

We tried out the local food. jerk chicken & conch fritters – not so bad!

Sadly, we had to be back on the boat at 130pm.

Once we were back aboard, it was formal night so we got all dressed up and took lots and lots of pictures!

Overall, the trip was an amazing experience!

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