Today’s guest post is from Black Beard RVA, and he’s got a few things to say on the topic of facial hair. Checkout his blog, and welcome him into Virginia Bloggers!

If anyone has Netflix, they may have seen a documentary recently called Mansome, a semi-mocumentary which takes a humorous approach to male grooming.  With causes like No Shave November, and a societal craze over mustaches, it’s no surprise that there is a growing trend of facial hair for guys.

Then, there is bearding.

Until I saw Whisker Wars on IFC, I had no idea there were regional beard leagues, much less international competitions for growing facial hair. Even with a little scruff, I eagerly joined the Richmond Beard League and wanted to document everything about it.

beard league

My goal is to do product reviews, give my take on different events, and also give commentary on things like facial hair in corporate america.  After doing a lot of research and reading some books, I wanted to combine the best of the best in one place so someone starting out can get tips, or a seasoned beardsmen can read, reply, etc.

About me: 27 year old living in Glen Allen, VA with my wife of 6 months and 2 dogs.  I work for ‘the man’ at a large bank, and most of my friends have no clue about bearding, so it is really fun to get a new take on things.

I would love guest bloggers, guys, girls, pros and cons about facial hair.  It’s an odd topic, but once you have a longer beard, everyone comes up to talk to you about it like you are in your third trimester.

Thanks all!

Interested in getting involved in the facial hair community of VA? Check out this event in April!

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