Today’s guest post is from Juliet of Lilly Rose! She’s got some tips for getting ready in the morning. Honestly, who couldn’t use a few extra minutes of the snooze button? Here are her tips! –Liz

Everyone has those mornings where you just don’t want to get out of bed till the very last minute.  Burying yourself under your covers and just hoping with all your might that it was Saturday.  But, it usually isn’t and you have to drag yourself out of bed eventually and get dressed.

There are five outfits that I immediately go to when I’m in one of these situations.  The first outfit is super comfy and super easy to throw on in the morning.  You can even get dressed in the dark and still look fabulous!

My first outfit it perfect for those chilly fall days that are coming our way. I paired my favorite loose cardigan with a long tank I scored during Topshop’s sale for a super comfy, yet cute look!  And who can live without a pair of black leggings this fall? And for a little bit of edge, I wore my outfit with my Jeffrey Campbell Everwell boots.

Can you tell I’m obsessed about them?

My second outfit incorporates a long shimmery sweater that is perfect for a night out in to the perfect day time outfit with the help of, yet, another Topshop tank!  The deal was too good to pass up! And my trusty black leggings are always there for me!  This time I paired my outfit with one of my favorite Dr. Martens.  They are super comfy and take seconds to just slip on!

For a cool, yet effortless vibe, I go with black and black.  This top is originally from Free People and I scored this top from Poshmark for under $20! Leggings and cut out boots are my go to essentials this fall.

There are days where the weather decides that it’s going to feel like summer.  And on those days, I love to rock an all neutral outfit.  They are super easy to put together and they complement each other beautifully.  And of course, I couldn’t leave my cut out boots at home!

This beautifully bold printed dress just screams fall from the great autumnal colors to the elongating vertical pattern.  I am in love with the little poms poms!  Because this dress makes such a beautiful statement on its own.  I just paired it with my Jeffrey Campbell France boots for a quick and easy fall look.  And for a little added warmth, you can always pair this look with a great denim jacket!

The key to getting dressed fast is looking at color and texture.  As you can see, most of my outfits are a mix of neutrals.  But they aren’t boring!  Each of the outfits play with texture and pattern.  For example, the speckled knit cardigan and the shimmery sweater really stood out over my tank and black leggings.  And the monochromatic black on black look stays interesting with the sheer paneling on the sleeves.

For quick outfits, keep your colors simple and the textural element will add the interest or find a really bold piece such as the dress above and play it up by matching the dress or top with some key basics.  With these tips, you can’t go wrong!  Have a great semester this fall!

 What are your go-to outfits?