Last night, Julia from FIT Richmond taught a circuit workout class, and let some of us Virginia Bloggers crash the party!

IMG_1201Me, Lindsay, and Sydney

If you haven’t been to FIT Richmond before, you should check it out! (It’s right behind Chipotle at Willow Lawn!) The space is perfect for a small group class, and Julia knows how to kick your butt, but keep it fun.


We did a 1 hour circuit class, which literally hit all of our muscles. I’d never used TRX bands before, but I might have to look into more of those types of workouts. My goal is to do a chin up, and Julia said those could help me get there!

Thanks, Julia, for letting us come check out your space! If you’re looking for a new place to sweat in Richmond, definitely check this place out!

Liz @ I Heart Vegetables