Saturday afternoon, a handful of us Richmond bloggers headed over to Fighting Gravity Fitness for an aerial yoga class. To be honest, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I’d seen some photos, but it’s always hard to tell if people are just making it look easy. I thought maybe we’d just be sitting in one of the fabric hammock things, trying not to fall out. As it turned out though, the class was awesome, challenging, and full of quite a bit of laughing. We had such a good time learning a few skills and taking some pictures along the way!

flighting gravityHUGE thank you to Fighting Gravity Fitness for letting us come try it out! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and try out a class if you’re in Richmond! (And FYI- their monthly memberships are very reasonably priced and include other classes like barre and yoga!) Our instructor, who owns the studio, was awesome. She explained all the moves, showed us how to do them, and encouraged us when we were a little scared to jump!

bloggers at fighting gravity fitness

From left to right: Danny, Angela, Becky, Brittany, Me, Alyssa, Shannon, and Meg!

Thanks to all for coming out!