If you’ve lived in Richmond for a bit, you’ve probably heard of Nate’s Taco Truck. I’ve never actually been to this taco truck, but that didn’t stop be from being excited about checking out “Don’t Look Back”… the taco place born from Nate himself.

I’m not sure why I get so excited about these things but I do. Don’t judge. You would get excited too.

I talked a couple of friends into going with me last Friday, and even though we didn’t make it there until after 10 (when the menu becomes more limited) they were still serving tacos, so I was in luck. The menu appears to be pretty limited anyway, so it’s not like we were missing out on a lot of other options.

There were plenty of choices for these $3 tacos. Since the special was a seitan taco, I figured I had to try that one, and I also went with a TVP taco. TVP = textured vegetable protein. (I know, it sounds gross. That’s probably why someone invented the acronym. But if you’ve never had TVP let me tell you, it’s actually pretty good. It can give you a texture sort of like ground beef, but it’s made from vegetables. I know, all you meat eaters are rolling your eyes right now. Don’t worry, they have plenty of meat options as well. )

The tacos come “Traditional” or “Gringo” (Traditional is just cilantro, onion, and lime, where as Gringo has cheese, lettuce, sour cream and salsa.) I got traditional, of course.

The guys had to deal with me walking around the restaurant trying to find good lighting. Don’t worry boys, I found it. Sorry for being annoying.

I actually didn’t like the seitan taco that much, but it’s not really any fault of the restaurant. It had a really “meaty” taste, which I assume most people would enjoy. But to me, it felt like I was eating some kind of mock-chicken stuff. You know what I mean? However, the TVP taco was excellent. Seriously, so good. It goes without saying that I enjoyed having an option that wasn’t just beans and cheese, but this one was extra delicious. They really nailed it with the spices and texture. Vegetarians- go try this. Meat eaters- stop judging the acronym.

I have a feeling I’ll be stopping by Don’t Look Back again, and next time I want to try the Costa-Rican style black bean tacos…

What’s your favorite kind of taco?

Liz @ I Heart Vegetables


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