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I’m sure everyone has attempted to replicate something that they’ve seen on Pinterest and failed miserably, but hopefully where there are failures there are also successes. That’s the story of me and my old window turned picture frame. I had been drooling over some similar projects on Pinterest:


But I had no idea where to get an old window like that. I tried our local Habitat for Humanity Restore a few times, but never found anything that was quite what I was looking for. After looking for a while I kind of gave up. It wasn’t until we went to a wedding in North Carolina that I found the perfect window, and it was my favorite price, FREE! The wedding was held in the backyard of this lady who had a ton of amazing old barn doors, wood, windows, ladders, you name it! It was savage paradise! She must have liked my enthusiasm for her stuff because she gave me an old window to take home.

I’m not sure how long she had it in her shed, but it was COATED in dirt, dust and cobwebs. After over an hour of scrubbing one night I decided it would just be easier to spray it down with the hose and use good old fashioned soap to clean it up. Once it was mostly clean (the hard to scrub spots just gives it more character right?) I printed the pictures that I wanted to use and arranged them how I wanted. I attached the pictures using clear photo corners, like for a scrapbook, so I can replace them later down the road if I want. All of the pictures I chose are of details from our wedding or distance shots. Since we already have a gallery wall in the master bedroom I didn’t want to overwhelm the room with pictures of people’s faces to watch me while I sleep.

After unsuccessfully Googling “how to hang a window on the wall” I just went to Lowe’s and searched for something to use for hanging this thing. I finally settled on using Monkey Hooks and D hooks. The D hooks give us something to actually attach the window to the hooks in the wall, and makes the window easier to take down in the future. I attached them to the either side of the window so they wouldn’t be visible at all once it was on the wall. windowdrill

On to the Monkey Hooks. If you haven’t used these bad boys before I highly recommend them! They come in several sizes and each size supports a different amount of weight. Plus they don’t leave large holes in the wall, a plus for any renters out there! Basically, it’s just a wire that you shove into the drywall and you twist and turn it until it goes all the way in and all you’re left with is the actual hook part. We got the hooks that support 50 lbs. since the window is any where from 20-30 lbs. and we like to overcompensate. monkeyhookOnce all the hooks were attached to the window or inside the wall it was time to hang the window. My husband helped me put this bad boy in place over the dresser in the bedroom and I love it. This definitely has to be one of my favorite projects to date and I always get a ton of compliments from people when I give house tours. window9window guest postI definitely call this Pinterest inspired project a success! What is your favorite Pinterest inspired project that you’ve tried? If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for?!