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When a place calls itself an “artisanal bakery,” I get skeptical. Everyone is now making sandwiches on artisan bread and I don’t even know what it means anymore. I think some restaurants take store bought bread and let it get stale and hard and then voila – “Artisan!” When I saw Bread Craft in Downtown Roanoke and the phrase “artisanal bakery” on the window, I figured “yeah right.” Well…I was wrong.


I have now been to Bread Craft on three different occasions, and the baking has been impressive each time. For my first visit, I had breakfast with a co-worker and tried the croissant with spinach, feta, and artichoke. The croissant was light, flaky, buttery and delicious. My previous two visits have been for lunch and I’ve ordered paninis both times, which were both very good. The Turkey Florentine Panini was my favorite of the two. It comes with turkey, bacon, spinach, artichokes, feta, and fresh mozzarella on flatbread. I don’t even like artichokes but I guess I do when I’m ordering them at Bread Craft. The other panini I’ve tried is the Roast Beef, which was also good, but I would recommend the Turkey Florentine if I had to choose between the two. It makes such a difference when the bread is one of the highlights of a sandwich, and that’s what you get at Bread Craft. Sandwiches are around $6.50 and are served with a side of a salad I don’t really know how to describe. I think it’s pickled cauliflower and mixed with a couple other vegetables.

The atmosphere at Bread Craft is great because it feels like an authentic, European café. It reminds me of the cafes I’ve visited in France and Switzerland. The fresh pastries on display, baskets of fresh baguettes, unique loaves that are only made on certain days of the week, and a friendly staff that knows its customers by name all help create this unique vibe. Even the touch of having small, round tables that are designed for parties of two help create the European café ambiance. It’s something people probably would have laughed at in Downtown Roanoke 15 years ago, but it now appears to be thriving.

Between On the Rise and Bread Craft, Downtown Roanoke has two great bakeries. And the fresh baked breads and pastries at Bread Craft help it meet the description of a true artisanal bakery.

Bread Craft
106 South Jefferson Street, Roanoke, VA 24011