Guest Blogger: It’s a Beautiful Life

Hi everyone! My name’s Marita, born and raised in Northern Virginia and I write over at It’s a Beautiful Life – a blog about finding a Beautiful Life through a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

I started off writing this blog as a personal place to document my travels and self-motivation but along the way it turned more into wanting to help others find happiness in their own lives as well.

My blog features inspirational quotes, fitness routines and healthy recipes. I also throw in some personal travels and experiences here and there.

One of my most recent travels was to the beautiful Turks and Caicos! Here’s a recap of my trip…

Caribbean Cruise Adventure

This was by far, my favorite day of the entire cruise. The beach was beautiful with white sand and crystal clear blue water! I had never seen anything like it before.

We tried out the local food. jerk chicken & conch fritters – not so bad!

Sadly, we had to be back on the boat at 130pm.

Once we were back aboard, it was formal night so we got all dressed up and took lots and lots of pictures!

Overall, the trip was an amazing experience!

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Monday Feature: Hippie Itch

Hi all! I’m Adrienne, the blogger over at Hippie Itch.

Ever had an itch that you’ve just GOT to scratch? I have it all the time in the form of a desire to help others and grow as a person. I write about healthy habits, volunteering, ‘green’ projects, my dogs (a lot) and some other stuff too.

I did some major traveling recently (to Australia!) so I thought I’d write about some healthy habits I attempted to incorporate into our trip.

My husband, Al and I usually use traveling as an excuse to buy treats but this time I wanted us to be ready and raring to go after a day and a half crossing the globe. We needed to eat healthy. If we had eaten poorly, we would have be even more tired and uncomfortable. I didn’t want to spend a day or two recovery from travel.

I prepared.

I packed some tangerines, trail mix and a couple different healthy yet sweet bars. I bought the bars to substitute for the candy we’d normally eat. I got Archer Farms Fruit Bars, TLC Layered Granola Bars, Luna Bars, and some protein bars for Al. Delicious yet healthy!

With those bars in my belly, I had enough sense to take my time at the airports to scope out the healthier food options. Previously if I hadn’t eaten enough on the plane, I run straight to something unhealthy just because I was starving! Eating healthy snacks was such an easy fix.

This time I found a sushi bar and got the vegetable roll. I also ate two tangerines. I was so proud of myself, you don’t even know! No soda, no candy, just good food.

I also bought a latte for some protein and much needed caffeine.

On the plane I read some healthy eating inspiration. I think it helped me stay on track!

And last but not least. I drank water and lots of it. Normally I wouldn’t drink much while traveling because I didn’t want to have to go to the bathroom often and interrupt the person next to me. This time I was up every two hours, disturbing the guy in the aisle seat. I’m sure he wasn’t too happy with me but my body was!

After all that traveling, besides being tired, I really didn’t feel that bad! We got in to Brisbane at 7:00am and went all day until we CRASHED at 9:30pm. By that time I was slapping myself to stay awake but I only blame it on the jet lag.

If you’re going to take anything away from my little post here, I’d say drink water!! I’ve got proof because on the flight back I didn’t drink as much and therefore didn’t move much either. My muscles were tighter and my legs were more swollen. It was pretty uncomfortable.

All in all, it was a great trip and more proof that eating healthy is the way to go!

Thanks for listening. Please come visit me over at Hippie Itch and say hi! It’d make my day. :)